Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 ripe tomato

So I try to garden.  Sometimes it goes well (I have more pickles and cucumbers than I know what to do with) and sometimes not so much.  Take for example my tomatoes.  Now I know that this year has been rough on most gardens and lots of people had little or no success with tomatoes, but I am not most people and I do not like to fail.  I started a bunch of tomato plants from seed indoors in April (I think) anyway I nursed them into full grown enormous plants that are taller than I am (which isn't saying much, but they are big), unfortunatley they hadn't produced a single ripe tomato....until yesterday!!  The first frost was predicted last night and so I decided I better save what I could and wrap the rest up and hope for the best and when I went to check the plants---success!!  1 single, grape size, ripe cherry tomato.  And how did it taste you ask--I have no idea--I hate tomatoes--ask the 5 year old :)

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  1. Hooray! First to comment! Welcome to the Blogosphere, Bri. I love it that you are so persistent in growing tomatoes and you don't even LIKE them :)